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Embark on a bloody, brutal re-imagining of the King Arthur mythos as Uther, a vengeful knight aided by Merlin, an eldritch sorcerer, in search of the long-lost Excalibur. Survive intense turn-based combat in this tactical RPG as you travel Broken Britannia, a land devastated by intrigue and deceit.

History Of The Project

Firecast Studio began the development of Sword Legacy: Omen in 2014. The small studio, comprised of only four people, began by prototyping new mechanics for a tactical turn-based game.

After developing a fun and challenging gameplay, in 2015 a partnership was formed with Fableware Narrative Design, another independent studio focused on story driven experiences. Ever since the project has evolved into a transmedia intellectual property with the game as its first and main product.

In 2016, Sword Legacy: Omen participated in several events and won prestigious prizes, among them the award for Best Storytelling at the SB Games Festival. Finally, in 2017 a publishing partnership was established with Team17 (developer of the famous Worms franchise) and since then the project has been progressing towards its release date.

Story & Gameplay

"Before Arthur’s Golden Age, our realm was lost, shattered and decadent; kingdoms torn apart by blind selfishness. A broken Britannia, void of hope."

The lord of Mercia has been assassinated, your love kidnapped and your home is no more. As Uther, the disgraced Knight Commander, you must lead your misfit band of companions throughout quests riddled with trials. Forge uneasy alliances to acquire the mythical Excalibur sword and defeat the sinister power-obsessed duke of Wessex.

Prove your worth as a tactician by exploring all five realms and dangerous locations, such as a frozen fortress hiding a dark secret, an ancient abbey turned into a hideous torture chamber and the mystical island of Avalon. Survive ambushes and rescue those in need by making use of each hero’s abilities to solve puzzles and vanquish your foes. It is up to you define the fate of Britannia… But at what cost?

Combat in Sword Legacy: Omen is always a challenge. As a strategist, you will need to plan your course of action with four heroes at a time. However, be ready to adapt and improvise because results always change based on the chosen abilities and chances of landing an attack.


Firecast Studio
Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fableware Narrative Design
Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Estimated Release Date:
Q1 2018

Turn-Based Tactical RPG



Estimated Price:

Press contact:
Holly Cooper -Jnr PR Manager - Team17

Vincent Gallopain – Xogo Consulting

Arthur Protasio - Fableware Narrative Design

Bruno Lanzarotti - Firecast Studio


Age Rating:

Key Features

  • Tactical Combat: Learn the importance of strategic positioning and unleash powerful skill combos with your party.
  • Free Exploration: When not in combat, investigate the environment, find documents, collect treasures, solve riddles, and uncover secrets.
  • Party Customization: Adapt heroes to your play style, manage your team and progress by unlocking over 70 unique passive or active skills.
  • Hordes of Enemies and Unique Bosses: Fight a variety of vicious mobs and face powerful monsters in grueling battles, such as crowds of plague-ridden victims, twisted knights and a flesh-hungry dragon.
  • Stress System: Use all your might to become victorious, but deplete your willpower and witness your heroes falling prey to panic.
  • Interactive Environment: Study your surroundings and perform clever deadly moves by blowing up explosive barrels and pushing enemies off edges.
  • Old-School Art Style With a Dark Twist: Relive the beautiful aesthetic of classic animations fused with grim visuals inspired by graphic novels.
  • A Different Take on a Classic Myth: Experience the Arthurian legends as never before, as famous characters and locations are revamped in a mature storyline of vengeance, honor, conspiracy and alchemy.


  • Positioning Matters: Strike from high ground, flank your opponents, and use overwatch to always have the upper hand.
  • Interactive Environment: Study your surroundings and make deadly moves by blowing up explosive barrels and pushing enemies off edges.
  • Your heroes are special: Their might exceeds those of ordinary people, so use their willpower to increase stats and get extra Action Points!
  • No one is safe: Be warned, deplete your willpower and risk the consequences of having your heroes fall prey to panic.
  • Overkill: Deal massive damage and perform gruesome assassinations to strike fear into your enemies.


Sword Legacy: Omen - Broken Britannia YouTube

Sword Legacy: Omen - Tactical Battles YouTube

Sword Legacy: Omen - The Heroes of Broken Britannia YouTube

Sword Legacy: Omen - The World of Broken Britannia (Steam) YouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner Best Narrative." - SBGames, September, 2016
  • "2nd Place Best of QuoVadis 2017" - Quo Vadis, May, 2017
  • "Finalist Best Brazilian Game 2017." - BIG Festival, June, 2017
  • "2nd Place Best Game." - Rio Indie Games, November, 2016
  • "Finalist Best Game" - SBGames, September, 2016
  • "Finalist Best Audio" - SBGames, September, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Sword Legacy is a Brazilian indie strategy game with global ambitions"
    - Stephanie Chan, VentureBeat
  • "This tactical combat game looked like it was illustrated by Disney, if Disney had done a story about king Arthur’s dad set in plague ridden England with piles of bodies everywhere. Definitely a unique look!"
    - Tim Bledsoe , TheButtonSmashers

Monetization Permission

Firecast Studio & Fableware Narrative Design allow for the contents of Sword Legacy: Omen to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Sword Legacy: Omen is legally & explicitly allowed by Firecast Studio & Fableware Narrative Design.

Firecast Studio

Fableware Narrative Design

About the Developers

Firecast Studio is a game company with a focus on innovation and fun of our players. We aim to bring you interesting topics, high quality graphics as well as creating characters and stories, enabling expansion into other universes outside the ”game world”.

Fableware is a storytelling studio specialized in writing and developing content for multiple platforms and transmedia projects. We create tales and find the best ways to tell them, such as Emmy nominated TV Shows, animations, graphic novels, and awarded video games.


Bruno Lanzarotti
Producer, PR/Marketing

Rodrigo Correa
Creative Director, Art and Animation Director, Game Designer

Luther Schimdt
3D Artist, Animator, Game Designer

Igor Pessoa
Concept Artist, 2D Artist, Game Designer

Douglas Barbará
Programmer, Game Designer

Claudio D´Ipolitto
Business Consultant

Arthur Protasio
Creative Director, Narrative Director, PR

Joao Pinho
Lead Narrative Designer

Thiago Baptista
Assistant Narrative Designer

Bettina Calmon
Original Soundtrack

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